About Empty Coffee

About Empty Coffee

This is an experimental site of curated stories from throughout the week, compiled by me, Mike. Each Sunday I'll post a weekly summary of interesting articles I've found across the web, and add a bit of commentary to help you decide which links may interest you. I'll try to keep things short and to the point, shining a light on the best content of the week.

Beyond the weekly rundown, I may also share original writing and thoughts about business, the economy, and technology periodically. These are topics that I'm exposed to daily and am passionate about.

I've set up the ability to subscribe to the site. All content is free, and the free subscription will send a copy of what I write directly to your inbox. You can also choose to pay, though this is completely optional and (at the moment) will have no impact on your experience; it would simply be a gesture of gratitude.

Thank you for reading! If you have any tips or suggestions, please reach out to me on Twitter!

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