March 28 - Run Aground
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March 28 - Run Aground

What do mainframes, NASCAR, the Suez Canal, and bento boxes have in common?
March 28 - Run Aground

This week the world was captivated by the Ever Given, a container ship run aground in the Suez Canal blocking one of the largest global trade routes in the world. For the first time in over a year, this news cycle felt... normal. While the stuck ship may have a short term impact on our toilet paper supplies (not again!), the stranded vessel is also a meme generator that will power tech conferences for years to come - I'm looking at you Kubernetes.

🕸 From Around the Web

  1. If Your Boss Could Do Your Job, You’re More Likely to Be Happy at Work —   Harvard Business Review
    This one struck me. Looking back over the years, having a leader that understands what it's like in the trenches, and could take over for you if needed, changes the psychology of a job.
  2. Why COBOL isn't the problem —   Lucidchart
    Technical debt is a touchy subject for many companies. Invest in refactoring that old software stack, buy a new solution, or bandage it up and use the capital for something a bit more interesting. When I speak with companies that still have a mainframe, this line of thinking is common. The article by James Hart builds on the analogy that many of these legacy apps are old, poorly maintained homes that need a new foundation.
  3. Why NASCAR turned Bristol into a muddy throwback to its dirt-track rootsThe Washington Post
    Nearly thirdteen feet of dirt. That's how much was trucked in to Bristol speedway for the upcoming Food City Dirt Race. NASCAR's efforts to attrack the attention of younger viewers, and rekindle the passion of exisitng fans, took me by surprise. The sheer volume of dirt, 23,000 cubic yards, is mind boggling.
  4. Suez Canal: How are they trying to free the Ever Given? —   BBC News
    As the slow motion drama enters its eigth day, transforming global trade routes, I've found it mesmorizing watching the cargo vessels around the globe. Sites like Marine Traffic visualize the location of boats of all shapes and sizes, across the world's oceans.
  5. Heavy Rain Brought Spectacular Waterfalls to Australia's Most Famous Rock —   Atlas Obscura
    Austrailia is currently experiencing the worst flooding event in over two decades. While the terential rain has devistated local communities, it's also transforming the landscape. The heavy downpours have transformed the titular big red desert rock in Uluṟu into a cluster of waterfalls, attracting tourists and frogs alike.

🍱 The Most Important Meal

My wife shared with me a YouTube channel she's been glued to this week. Imamu, a mom in Canada, records the meticulous art of creating bento boxes (and more) each morning for her family. We've found her detailed video journal hypnotizing and hunger inducing.

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